Q&A and Book Give Away

I’m doing a Q&A over a The Romance Reviews tomorrow.  Stop by and take a chance at winning a copy of my latest book.

The Doctor's Redemption300http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php

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Congradulations Maria Ferrarella

Marie F

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Romance Week on Goodreads




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The Romance Reviews Anniversary Party


Great giveaways, books, games and fun! Plan to join in. I’ll be giving a book away. Should be one hot off the press.

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Cowboy on Her Doorstep by Pam Mantovani

I read Cowboy on Her Doorstep during the holidays. It was excellent. It is one of those you shouldn’t miss.

Cowboy on Her Doorstep


When Army Ranger Logan Montgomery returns to his family’s ranch in western Montana to mourn the loss of his father, he discovers that his best friend had a little girl as a result of their lovemaking the night before he left to join the service. He sets out to prove himself to her–that he’s come home to stay.

Deputy Sheriff Kendall Grant has worked hard to build a stable life for her young daughter, Marissa. When Logan discovers he’s Marissa’s father, Kendall refuses to believe he intends to become a doting daddy. She’s convinced he’ll grow bored with small-town life and re-enlist. More than anything, she’s afraid this time he’ll shatter both her heart and Marissa’s. How can she learn to trust that this time it’s forever?





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Another Great Review

RBH Reviews: The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart by Susan Carlisle… rbh-contemporary.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-ma… @SusanCarlisle1 #reviews

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Check out the wonderful review

RBH Reviews: The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again by Susan Carlis… rbh-contemporary.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-do… @SusanCarlisle1 #reviews

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A Tea Moment

“To offer a cup of tea is a courteous, polite act, and in accepting, one joins in a civilized exchange.”

From: Silver Spoons, Mad Baboons, and Other Tales fruitof Tea



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Just a Thought

Tea Boston5“Life is a series of moments, tea will make this a good one.”

From Silver Spoons, Mad Baboons, and Other Tales of Tea

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Why I write Romance

I quote Naima Bryant who says it so well.

So here’s the answer I gave him…

I write romance because there is nothing in the world more powerful than love. It has united nations and ripped them apart. Started wars and ended them. Saved lives and took them. Elevated people to influential positions and toppled them to the ground. It is potent, fierce, consuming, and whether it’s right or wrong, people use love as their motivations for committing the most miraculous, wondrous, and even the most heinous acts. 

Consider books that are considered literary classics. Love is woven into the fabric of many of the stories. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. The unlikely and seemingly doomed loved story between Aragorn and his elven princess, Arwen, runs through all three books that make up this epic tale of good versus evil. She forfeited her immortality to spend a shorter, mortal life with the man she adored, and he was willing to forfeit a future with her so she could live a long life with her people. What about the bible—the bestselling book of all time? It includes accounts of men and women who sacrificed, murdered, labored and laid down their lives in the name of love. Ruth and Boaz. David and Bathsheba. Solomon and the Shulamite girl. Jacob and Rachel. Jesus and the world. 

Love battles evil and hate, and if it’s a good romance, love conquers and wins. This is why I write romance. Because love heals, redeems, empowers, transforms, delivers, forgives, forgives, and accepts. What more relevant and important subject is there to write about? As I spoke, a slow smile spread across his face, and he nodded several times. And at the end of my explanation *cough* dissertation *cough* he said one thing: Wow. 

How apropos? Because love does that, too. It wows. 


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