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Background for Heart Surgeon, Hero…Husband? 

NICK is my son who received a heart transplant at one year old. Today, he is in his early twenties. Much of the book material I know from firsthand knowledge. For this particular subject, I don’t recommend that as a process for discovering book material. If you would like to know more about Nick’s experience, visit


DR. KIRK KANTER is Nick’s cardio thoracic surgeon. Most of what I know about caring for children with heart issues I learned from him. He was nice enough to share medical info on what could or couldn’t happen during surgery for this book. This man knows his stuff. No romance here but he sure is a hero.

CHILDREN’S HEALTHCARE OF ATLANTA AT EGLESTON is the hospital where Nick’s was raised.  It’s my guideline for hospital life and always will be. The ICU rules, what happens on the Floor, the cafeteria setting is all based on my knowledge of Egleston. Super caring people work here.

ATLANTA is my large city of choice for this book. It’s an amazing southern metropolitan with all the pluses and minuses. I don’t live in Atlanta but I visit it often and get to appreciate all it offers.

If you are interested in knowing more about congenital heart disease visit 

If you are interested in the real life drama of a child receiving a heart transplant check out Nick’s New Heart 

What People Are Saying:
"I'm reading Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband/ now and LOVE it!"
~ Kristi
"I found Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband to be compelling read and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. I look forward to your future books."
~ A reader