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Hot Shot Doc Comes to Town by Susan Carlisle

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Shelby and Taylor’s story ideas 

WEST TENNESSEE is the setting for this book. I spent part of my childhood living in the area and know it well.

MY FATHER was a forester. He is the man I write about that planted trees to harvest. The red gullies my brothers and I used to play in.

THE LAKE was built to bring people into the area. I stopped by to take a picture of a dry lake bed and to my surprise the lake was full! My mother loaned me pictures of the lake bed sent by friends that she shared with me. At one time, I drove down into the lake bed just as Shelby does. I didn’t like it either.



COURT HOUSE SQUARE is typical of small southern towns. In many you must drive around the court house. Often you can find people visiting with each other on the square.        



THE CHURCH is typical of the area and often the center of social activity just like in the book.