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Where did The Nurse He Shouldn’t Notice come from?
GHANA is a small country in West Africa between the Irony Coast and Togo. This book takes place five hundred miles north of the coast in an area that has only a wet and a dry season. Life is an everyday challenge for the people who live here.

THE BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER in Nalerigu is the inspiration for my story. I have friends that have worked and lived there for years. People come from hundreds of miles away to received care.

THE SUPPLIES that are sent in drums are a real mission project for churches around the US. I have been involved in the loading and shipping of an oversea container  of bandages in these drums. Just as I describe in the book, bandages are rolled and packed into these plastic drums.

WAITING ON MEDICAL TREATMENT is a long wait and there are thousands seen at the hospital each month. This isn’t a state of the art facility. It is one that treats with what it has. There are many needs.


BOSTON is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the United States. Beacon Hill has been the home to old money for a long time. There are many world renowned hospitals in the city. Boston is well worth a visit.

Charles St. in Boston


To learn more about the work at the Baptist Hospital in Nalergiu, Ghana visit