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The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart cover
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Dear Reader,

                I’ve always been fascinated by the attraction between two people. So many times men and woman are complete opposites and still find that special spark. A good looking man and a unattractive woman, or the reverse, the introvert and extrovert, the super popular person and the one in the corner. The person who loves adventure and the one who prefers to watch TV. It amazes me how humans manage to pair off.

                These extreme differences are what I explore in Michelle and Ty’s story. They couldn’t be more dissimilar but yet they fit, complement each other as if they are puzzle pieces finding their spot.  What made writing this book especially fun was watching the two characters squirm has they find that they truly do belong together.

                I would be remiss if I didn’t mention and thank Dr. Bruce Miller who is an anesthesiologist extraordinary. Much of Ty’s doctoring skills and sensitive  interactions with patients I’ve witnessed firsthand by knowing Dr. Miller. I also have to say a big thanks to Dr. Kirk Kanter, a heart surgeon with a big heart. There is none better in the world. Through him I received amazing technical assistance that helped Michelle’s world become real. All doctors should be as good and as dedicated as these two men are to their patients.  

                I hope you enjoyed reading Michelle and Ty’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love to hear from my readers. You can contact me at


 I loved the idea of two opposites attracting. That is just what happens in this book. I took the world I know daily and said, "What if?" 

My local hospital.

The Diner not far from the hospital

Neighborhood where Michelle's mother would live

Ty's motorcycle