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Heart of Mississippi duet

The Doctor Who Made Her Love Again

Taking a chance on love…

China Davis is happy, She is. So what if her family is a mess? She has careful control over her own life! Yet when new hot-shot-doc Payton Jenkins arrives, that control is suddenly put to the test…

Payton left a successful Chicago practice the moment he recovered from cancer, desperate to live a full life. But it’s soon clear that beautiful Golden Shores nurse China is hiding from even the simplest of pleasures…

Can Payton show China that there’s more to life…?

Harlequin      Amazon      B&N

The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart

When trouble comes knocking…

Nutritionist Kelsey Davis has a plan. Leaving Golden Shores—and her past—firmly behind her, she's ready for a new job, a fresh start and a life led her way!

That is, until Dr. Jordon King arrives back in town. He doesn't remember her and, worse, he's even more deliciously sexy than ever! Kelsey is falling for Jordon all over again—but once she uncovers the truth that links Jordon to their painful past, can she still allow him to rule her heart…?

Harlequin     Amazon      B&N

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"In less than 300 pages, you took your reader through a life of ups, downs, misconceptions, revelations, and as always let the romance shine through. Great read and I will be picking up more of your books."



The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart cover
The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart

Snowbound with Dr. Delectable

NYC Angels:
The Wallflower's Secret

Hot-Shot Doc Comes to Town