Once Upon a Christmas Kiss
December 5, 2023

Once Upon a Christmas Family

Will the legendary book Once Upon a Christmas Kiss create another happily ever after?

After Justin Myers’s wife is killed in a violent crime in Los Angeles, he moves to Cherry Creek, Tennessee, hoping his in-laws will help bring stability to his young son. He focuses on his job and his son while fighting through guilt that he contributed to the loss of his wife.

Little does he know that Lizzie Williams, a waitress at the local diner, will complicate his life. She has abandonment issues stemming from her parents leaving her as a child. Lizzie's roots are firmly planted in Cherry Creek. After getting to know Justin, the lore of the book has her believing there can be a true love, even for her, and that one person could want her forever. Lizzie hopes her Christmas gift this year will be a forever family. When Justin shares his big city life with Lizzie, she doubts she could never belong in that world and will once again be left behind.

Justin’s in-laws hold tight to their grandson, wanting to keep part of their daughter close. They threaten to take Justin’s son from him. He knows of no other way to break their emotional hold except to return to LA. Feeling discarded at Justin’s talk of leaving, Lizzie desperately needs him to love her enough to fight for her too.

Justin makes it clear to his in-laws that if they want a relationship with their grandson and for him to live in Cherry Creek, then they need to back off and accept Lizzie as an important part of his and their grandson’s lives. Justin intends to make it a happily ever after Christmas come true.

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